Sigi thoroughly enjoys bringing Fitness, Health and Wellness to adults at any age with any Health concern. Most of her Yoga and personal training sessions take place at her home studio, but she also takes adventurous clients outdoors or visits clients at their home for an extra charge. Experienced clients can join her semi-private Yoga, Chair Yoga, "Glute"camp or deep Stretch classes held month-to-month.

Sigi is experienced, licensed, and insured. With more than 40 years in combined experience teaching Group Exercise, Yoga and Personal Training, Sigi knows how to encourage and motivate. Her approach to Fitness is:

  1. work hard but be mindful
  2. body awareness is crucial to a healthy and sustainable Fitness regiment
  3. work smart - too many reps lead to too much wear and tear or injury
  4. a fifty year old needs a different workout than a twenty year old.
  5. Handstands at 50 are possible, so are the splits if that is your goal

 Sigi doing wall splits