Judy Vandenberg, Benicia says:

When I started with Sigi, I told the gym I needed someone kind because I had not worked out in a long time and was very unsure of myself.  She was kind and far more than that:
during my time with her I had a pinched nerve in my back and had great difficulty walking.  She trained me to strengthen my core and I now travel and climb temples!  She has worked around problems (broken foot and surgery) and found ways I could still train.  Along the way, I had the wonderful byproduct of looking better!
I highly recommend her.

Linda Hatofsky, Vallejo

I particularly like Fitness Fusion Yoga, because Sigi works with four of us at a time in her home, allowing her to respond to our unique physical qualities.  She is knowledgeable, passionate and exacting about her work and the benefits of Yoga.  Her manner is always sincere and conscientious, concentrating on each student's particular abilities and needs and always with a sense of empathy and light-hearted humor.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to nourish physical health by concentrating on strength and flexibility while reducing stress in a welcoming setting.

Thomas Atksinson III says:

I am 67 years old and started training with Sigi in March 2013. With her leadership and guidance I have lost 28 lbs and reached my goal weight. I am much stronger now and have stamina. It feels great to be able to fit into my 38 inch Levis Jeans again!!

Thank You, Sigi!

Kristine Pfister, Benicia:

I have worked out with Sigi for years and would personally recommend her to anyone interested in a personal fitness coach or looking for a motivating instructor in a group setting. Great personality, attention to form and achieves results!

Gerry Connolly, formerly Benicia says:

I first met Sigi in April 2009 for a review of my goals and an assessment for a 53 year old male. In the year and a half under her supervision I have attained my goal of being more fit and having my diabetes under control.  I have lost weight and found myself buying slacks two sizes less then before I was working with Sigi.  She will give you a training plan and diet to work towards your goal.  It is up to you to do the work and I have to admit the diet was the hardest item.  She understands the needs of a aging athlete and verifies the program does not stress your health.  The workouts are tough and you will wonder why you are doing this but after a trip to the Doctors and the glowing report it will be worth it.  I have moved from the area and I have continued with her program (I do sometimes fail at the diet).  I found her to be creative and supportive and give her my highest recommendation.  If you are very good , ask her about her mother's cookies, that itself is worth the extra run on the treadmill.

Anouk Dorrance, Vallejo says:

Sigi pushes my buttons, moves my boundries just a tiny bit farther than I think I can go and the results are rewarding on an emotional level (I am stronger then I thought) as well as on the physical level.

Sigi is a great person with great people skills, and extremely knowlegable when it comes to anatomy and manipulation of the body.

Thank you, Sigi for helping me gain muscle tone and confidence!

Brian R., Benicia says:

“Sigrid is a knowledgeable, highly motivated, and personable personal trainer. She pours her heart and soul in to her clients so that they can improve their health and live better. I have seen significant health improvements as a result of her service. She is a subject matter expert on human physiology, nutrition, and fitness. Her expertise on TRX, core body, and yoga has brought great diversity and entertainment to my experience. I highly recommend Sigrid.”

Liz Haygood, Benicia says:

"I hate to exercise. Really, really hate it. But I look forward to my weekly session with Sigi, because she creates workouts that are varied, interesting and challenging without being impossible for my 58 year old body. Sigi uses a variety of disciplines and exercise equipment to keep things fresh, and she adapts the program as she discovers new problem areas.  I’m now using muscles I never even knew I had! I can really see and feel the difference. Sigi rocks!!"

Colette Meunier, Benicia:
Sigi has been my personal trainer for over a year for two times a
week. She is knowledgeable, keeps the workouts new and challenging, is focused on my fitness goals, and has a good sense of humor. Sigi has helped me get back into shape with her persistence and encouragement.

Judy Surrat, Benicia:

I like the small class where you can get a clear explanation of what you should be doing with your body, how to do it, and the individual help to get there.  I feel like I have learned more in these small classes than I would have in another class in 6 months, if I had ever gotten it there.